Q. Can I color my bundles? 

Yes! Tease Hair Collection provides 100% unprocessed hair that can be colored and or bleached any level desired.


Q.How long does the hair last? 

We put no expiration date on our hair. With good maintenance, this hair can last a lifetime! The better you take GOOD care of it the longer you can have it and reuse! Please treat this hair as your own. Please remember that excessive heat and/or color can/will result in the reduction of its natural pattern of the hair. 


Q. Does the hair require maintenance?

Absolutely, raw hair should be treated this like your own hair. Use good quality, sulfate free, shampoo and conditioning products. Hair care cards will be provided with each order for more  hair care info.


Q. Does the hair shed? 

Any hair that has been manufactured and stitched onto a weft is expected to experience minimum shedding. To minimize this shedding each raw bundle is double wefted. Additionally, we recommend that your stylist upon the installation, stitch and knot AROUND the weft and not through the weft of the tracks. This will help prevent shedding. Proper maintenance is extremely important and advised.


PLEASE NOTE: It is normal to get a few strands here and there when detangling your hair.


Q. Will I receive a refund if my Pre-Order takes longer than estimated? 

Unfortunately, shipment delays are beyond our control. You will not be issued a refund due to a shipping delay.